Camouflage Tape


High strength vinyl, impregnated cloth tape, matte finish, waterproof and abrasion resistant.  Pro-Gaff has smooth, controlled unwind and is hand tearable.

  • 48 LB/IN tensile strength
  • 11.5 mils
  • 60 feet
  • rubber resin adhesive, leaves no residue
  • vinyl backing

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Pro-Duct #110

Poly-coated cloth tape that offers excellent adhesive characteristics, which permit it to be used in diverse applications requiring a Utility Grade Cloth Tape.

  • 20 LB/IN tensile strength
  • 9.5 mils
  • 60 feet
  • high tack natural rubber adhesive
  • polyester/cotton cloth laminated to a polyethylene backing

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Camouflage Tape, is great for camping, hunting, fishing, boating, or other outdoor activities.

Duct Tape
A Utility Grade Tape with natural rubber adhesive, it is a versatile product.
Available in two colors; Realtree Brown or Realtree Green.
2" x 60 feet

Gaffers Tape
High strength vinyl cloth tape, with rubber resin adhesive that leaves no residue.
Available in two colors; Forest Green and Desert Brown.
2" x 60 feet

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